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At vacation you need to rest, gain strength, have fun, and do not bother to drive the car. If you agree with this statement, it is for you that our new service is renting cars with a driver in Sochi.

Renting a car with a driver is more advantageous than a tax

At Sochi, you can use a taxi, order a car via travel agency or go on sightseeing tours. Rent a car with a driver (car rental with a  personal driver) from the company Takecar24 will be cheaper and more convenient. Get more opportunities with a lower price from Takecar24!

We doing our best for your comfort. The car can be equipped with unlimited WiFi (Internet), a baby car seat, a GPS-navigation system, and other optional equipment.

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Price for ride with personal driver­­ 

WARNING: depend on season we have various brands of cars - from economy to luxury, please contact the manager!

fr. 500 RUR / 1 h
fr. 600 RUR / 1h

This service is provided upon payment of 3 hours of rent


Promotion: Only at summer! Rent Hyundai Grand Starex with a driver in Sochi (including locations: Roza Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana) for 5000 RUR, for the whole day (codeword: summer 2018

A trip by Hyundai Grand Starex with a driver to Abkhazia for just 7000 RUR (codeword: fabulous Abkhazia

unforgettable TRIP TO ABKHAZIA 
Поездка в Абхазию Бзыбское ущелье
Bzyb Gorge
аренда авто Озеро Рица
Ritsa Lake
Аренда автомобиля с водителем Молочный водопад
Milky Waterfall
прокат авто с водителем Термальные источники
Noviy Afon

Abkhazia. A trip by Hyundai Grand Starex with a personal driver just for you! 

Mysterious, beautiful, little-known country, among the mountains and pristine nature.

We offer you a car rental with a personal driver, which allow you to go on a comfortable minivan Hyundai Grand Starex, so you do not have to worry about the convenience of the trip!

You will see a lot of unique natural artifacts. For example, the Bzyb Gorge: it is interesting that the double barrier, which form the Gagra and the Main Caucasian Range, reliably protects the Bzyb Gorge and Gagra from cold winds. By the way, that's why Gagra is the warmest city of the Black Sea coast. 

During the glacial period, this confluence of factors protected many species of flora and fauna from extinction - a number of their representatives can be found only here and nowhere else. This piece of Colchis refugium, in terms of biodiversity, is not inferior to the North American refugiums of the Appalachian and Cordillera mountain systems. In the Caucasus, nowhere else at such  small area you can see so large number of endemic, rare and endangered species.

Also you can enjoy the Ritsa Lake: it filling by five mountain rivers, and only one follows. It remains always a little cold, but at winter it never freezes. We will drive along the coast of Bzybi, the longest river in Abkhazia. And on this way many wonders of nature and architecture will meet, and even the river itself is a separate attraction of Abkhazia.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Bzyb fortress, X century, which belonged to the ancient Abkhazian feudal family and protected the road to the river gorge from unwanted guests. And also Bzybsky temple, built of large stone slabs, decorated with carvings.

And, of course, the fortress of Khasan-Abaa serving as an outpost, from which signals were transmitted about the enemy's attacks.

Deserves special attention waterfall "Girl's Tears": a unique natural phenomenon - where ground waters seep through the rocks and flow as clean small streams down. The old folks say that this waterfall arose at the site of the fall from the cliff of the beautiful local girl Amra, which was killed by the mermaid. And at the place of death of her beloved Adguru, who could not stand the grief, the waterfall "Men's Tears" flows.

Further, between the stones, right at the foot of the mountains, lies a small lake with the purest bright blue water, which is called - "Blue Lake". Our road will loop between thick centuries-old forests and steep cliffs: you will see the Geg waterfall, the waters of which break from the 60-meter rock, you can visit the cave near the waterfall - from under its arch there is a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape, as well as the Yupshar Canyon, and Chubgar cornice.

The quintessence of the trip will be visit to thermal springs near the village of Kyndyg: an indescribable admiration is guaranteed!

The water of hot springs is curative, and unique in that the smell of hydrogen sulfide is almost not felt, and  with the serious therapeutic effect.

And of course, you will catch a lot of positive emotions from all bathings, douches, massages and so on!

The place where the spring breaks out under the earth to the surface is full of mysterious values: hot geyser pairs float by magical figures, and the lake bottom is unusually bright.

From the hill, where the lake is located, water flows down by several gutters, forming waterfalls that differ by strength and temperature. Under the hot stream of mineral water, you can enjoy the water massage, relieve tension and get rid of pain. The flowing water is collected in several shallow pools , where you can simply relax and soak up.

The water temperature in each pool is also different, you can choose the most comfortable for yourself and get joy!

Children are especially pleased with bathing, and adults have no reason to worry: there is not deep and there is nowhere to get lost.

Renting a car with a driver solves a lot of problems: after such a wonderful trip, you will be brought back to Sochi with comfort!

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# Trip to Abkhazia 

At the Sochi and Adler there are a variety of picturesque places with all kinds of routes and directions. But what's good, if all you do is look at the road? TAKECAR24 offer you car rental with a driver for a trip to any of Abkhazia's attractions as a day tour. Be sure, you can enjoy the changeable scenery discussing everything in your favorite company, while safely getting to the destination with your own driver. Spend time talking with  friends or let the driver know where you want to stop for memorable photos of any place you like. Or just find out many new beautiful places, about which you may not have heard before and visit them. Study the beauty of picturesque, unexplored nature, enjoying your favorite drink in the back seat, hugging your loved ones. Our drivers are trained to move smoothly and safely, which means complete comfort and privacy. Do not forget, one of the main advantages of the driver is that after you exhaust your own strengths from all the fun and impressions of the day, he will take you with the same comfort to your home while you rest from the emotions that overflow you. Nothing compares to the feeling of return after a long and exciting day's tour.


A well-prepared trip to Abkhazia will make an indelible impression on you and your companions.

 You can be absolutely sure that such kind a trip will remain the warmest and most pleasant memory! 

 TAKECAR24 will help you organize any format of the trip from business to romantic as well! 

TAKECAR24 is also a reliable transfer company that serves the airport and railroad stations of the Black Sea coast. With professional drivers and high-quality cars, we make the transfer more convenient, which in turn helps to avoid the hassle of finding and waiting for a taxi, when you come to a long-awaited vacation with plans, just enjoy the pastime. A driver who meets you with a sign in the waiting room will help you with carry and pack luggage. We recommend that you tell us your flight number so that our driver can pick up time for the meeting and adjust to any changes in the schedule of the arriving flight. If you have any questions about the sights and the city our driver will gladly tell you everything that interests you. Prefer to listen to your favorite music or relax in silence after a long journey, the choice is yours. Our task: to complete your path with positive emotions only. We offer transfers from airports and train stations to any place on our large coast. That is, you can use our service no matter where you keep your path and where you want to go. From each address, you can go to any place, whether it is downtown, your hotel, event, port, ski resort or even a visit to Abkhazia with its famous sights and beauty of nature. We are proud not only that we can deliver to any place according to your desire, but also that we do it with great comfort throughout the journey. To be as comfortable as possible, we offer small cars  and minivans for large companies as well, and we help true fans of alpine skiing traveling with personal ski equipment.

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